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Why is EARS® Important?

Every week 2,500 dogs and 3,200 cats go missing.

Rapidly distributing a current photo can be the difference between a fast recovery and a prolonged search . . .
unfortunately, most pet owners are not prepared for this type of crisis.

EARS is a component of the Home Organizer® software that quickly helps pet owners create an electronic ID of
their four-legged friends.
The EARS Digital ID stores 4 separate photos of your pet along with vital identification information.

In the event a pet is missing, the owner can print and send an EARS “Missing Pet” poster from
their computer via the Home Organizer® software.

As stated before, EARS does not incorporate an imbedded microchip for identification. Instead we utilize the oldest and still most effective method available for recovery of a missing pet . . . current photographs. Identification is fool-proof with a microchip, however, without printed or electronic EARS posters, there is no public awareness of the fact the pet is missing or lost.


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Protect your Pets!


In addition to establishing an immediate means for locating and distributing this vital data, every 6 months the Home Organizer® software reminds you to update the photo and identification information in your EARS® Digital IDs. This ensures that in the event of a missing pet situation, the most current information is readily available.