What is EARS®?

To aid in the recovery of lost pets, Imagery Concepts, LLC developed the Electronic Animal Recovery System® or EARS® Digital Pet ID.

EARS is a component of the Home Organizer® software that empowers pet owners with innovative technology to record and store vital identification information on their pets in case of emergency.

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What is Home Organizer®?

Home Organizer® provides a painless method for organizing the home or home office. It is a software application that turns a PC into a virtual filing cabinet with its familiar looking and easy-to-use drawer and folder interface.

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What should I do if my pet is lost?

The sooner you get started, the greater your chances are of recovering your lost pet. The following suggestions highlight important
steps to take.

Utilize the EARS® Digital ID and create a highly visible and colorful MISSING PET ALERT FLYER. Lost pets are often found within a mile or two of their home.

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How do I get

The EARS.® Digital ID is a featured component of the Home Organizer software. After installation of Home Organizer®, creating a Digital ID for each of
your pets is extremely
quick and easy.

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Why is EARS® Important?

Every week 2,500 dogs and 3,200 cats go missing.

Rapidly distributing a current photo can be the difference between a fast recovery and a prolonged search . . . unfortunately, most pet owners are not prepared for this type of crisis.

EARS is a component of the Home Organizer® software that quickly helps pet owners create an electronic ID of their four-legged friends. The EARS Digital ID stores 4 separate photos of your pet along with vital identification information.

In the event a pet is missing, the owner can print and send an EARS “Missing Pet” poster from their computer via the Home Organizer software.

As stated before, EARS does not incorporate an imbedded microchip for identification. Instead we utilize the oldest and still most effective method available for recovery of a missing pet . . . current photographs. Identification is fool-proof with a microchip, however, without printed or electronic EARS posters, there is no public awareness of the fact the pet is missing or lost.

In addition to establishing an immediate means for locating and distributing this vital data, every 6 months the Home Organizer software reminds you to update the photos and identification information in your EARS Digital ID. This ensures that in the event of a missing pet situation, the most current information is readily available.



The EARS® Digital ID was designed
to help protect your family pets.
Use it to quickly create a digital ID
that can be used in the event of a
missing pet situation.

This product Educates with safety information provided by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and other concerned partners. Internet links connected to valuable online information are imbedded in your virtual filing cabinet.
Home Organizer provides a painless method for organizing the home or home office by allowing you to store all your household documents in one convenient location. No more looking for lost files or records. Home Organizer helps you immediately retrieve documents and reduce clutter.
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